online reader

How to use online reader?

Using an online reader is very simple, just a few steps to upload the file you want to read to the reader. The reader will automatically load the file and you can start reading. The reader has various features such as zooming, rotating, annotating, editing, etc. It has become an essential tool for office and study.

Why use Online Readers?

No download or installation required: you just visit the online file reader website to start reading

  • Select the file you want to read

    Supports up to 50 formats for online reading. Select your file to read and start reading your file.

  • Fully automatic file upload

    The system automatically uploads, and the file content icon will be automatically displayed after completion.

  • Easy click to read

    Click and it will appear to help you work efficiently. Supports a variety of file formats to meet your business needs.

The files displayed by Online Reader may not be completely accurate, so please check. Privacy Policy

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